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Radar Observer  &  Radar Operator

Radar Observer                                Radar Operator

Course Duration : 8 Days                               Course Duration : 5 Days

Course Details

1          Describes the Basic Theory and Operation                                                        

            of Marine Radar System

1.1        Fundamental principles of radar                                      

1.2        Safe distances                                                                                                

1.3        Radiation hazards and precautions                                  

1.4        Characteristics of radar sets and factors affecting


1.5        Factors external to the radar set affecting detection       

1.6        Factors which might cause faulty interpretation              

1.7        Performance standards – Resolution A.477(XII)            


2.         Set Up and Operate Radar in Accordance with                                                

            Manufacturer’s Instructions

2.1    Set up and maintain radar display                                   

2.2    Measures ranges and bearings                                          


3.         Perform Manual Radar Plotting                                                                         

3.1        Construct the relative motion triangle                             

3.2        Determine course, speed and aspect of other ships         

3.3        Determine CPA and TCPA                                             

3.4        Recognize the effect of course and speed changes         

3.5        Report radar plot data                                                      


4.         Use Radar to Ensure Safe Navigation                                                                

4.1        Fix vessels position by radar                                            

4.2        Identify aids to radar navigations and safety                  

4.3        Use parallel indexing in radar navigation                        


5.         Use Radar to Avoid Collision or Close Encounters                                           

5.1        Application of COLREGS to avoid collision or close encounters


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