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How to be a GMDSS Radio
Operator Offshore
see below
How to be a Seamen
1. Must be above 18 years old
2. Medically Fit
3. Good eye sight
Documents Required
1. Seamen Card - Issued by Jabatan Laut Malaysia - How To Apply
2. Seamen Book - Issued by Jabatan Laut Malaysia - How To Apply
3. Medical Report - By Panel Doctors approved by Jabatan Laut - Panel Doctors
4. Passport
5. Vaccination - Yellow Fever & Cholera
Certification Required
1. Basic Safety Training Certificate
How & Where to Obtain BST Certification
Call Permata Marketing Services for placement to the nearest academy for your BST Training
Call 016 888 0722 or
e-mail: bdevan1@yahoo.com

Ranks On Board a Ship
                 Deck Dept.                                         Engine Dept.
                       Chief Officer                                      Chief Engineer
                       2nd Officer                                         2nd Engr.
                       3rd Officer                                          3rd Engr.
                       Deck Cadet                                         4th Engr.
                       Bosun                                                Engr. Cadet
                       Able Bodied Seamen                         Greaser
                       Ordinary Seamen                               Oiler

How to be a Captain

You can start the sea career from Cadet or from Crew (AB / OS)

Starting Sea Career As a Cadet [Deck Cadet]
Attend a Pre-Sea Training at an approved Maritime Academy, usually a 1 year pre-sea course. After the pre-sea training, join the sea for 24 or 36 months sea service. Upon completion of the required sea service [at sea practical trainings] return to the academy to study for the next level.

Watch-Keeping Officer [WKO - 3rd & 2nd Officer]
The duration of the course is between 4 to 6 months, one need to complete all the required modular courses for the competency level obtained. It will take about 10 to 12 months to obtain the WKO certification - Certificate of Competency [CoC].

Once obtained the wko CoC, you can join the ship as a 3rd officer and 2nd officer. Clock the required seatime for the next level certification. The next level is Mate & Master.

Mate & Master
The mate & master course is about 12 months duration. Upon completion of the course and passing the stipulated examinations, you will be awarded a Chief Mate C.o.C. You are required to complete sufficient sea-time before you can endorse your masters C.o.C.

Once your masters C.o.C is endorsed, you can be a Captain of a ship

Total Time from Cadet to Masters = about 10 years
If you are unable to join a maritime academy? Whats next? Call Permata

Types of Certification for Ships
Master Unlimited Voyage
Mate Unlimited
WKO Unlimited

Master/Mate More than 3000GT Near Coastal
Master/Mate Less than 3000GT Near Coastal
Master/Mate Between 500GT & 3000GT NC
Master/Mate Less than 500GT NC
WKO Less than 500GT NC
WKO Between
500GT & 3000GT NC
WKO 3000 GT NC & above

Master & Mate Domestic less than 500GT
How to be a GMDSS Radio Operator Offshore
Register with Permata for a GMDSS GOC Course Now
e-mail: bdevan1@yahoo.com

What is GMDSS - Global Maritime Distress Safety system. IN GMDSS there are 2 type of courses.
1. GOC - General Operator Certificate [World Wide A1, A2, A3 & A4]
2. ROC - Restricted Operator Certificate [Domestic A1 only]

If you are intending to pursue a career as a Radio Operator in the offshore industry, you need to hold a GOC Certificate.

F.A.Q. How to obtain a GMDSS GOC Certificate

1. Call/SMS Permata
[6 016 888 0722] for Course Dates
2. To Register SMS your Full Name, IC/Passport number.
3. The Current Course Fees RM3400. (Fee only, the fees exclude accommodation & food.)
4. Nearest hotel is Medan Hotel 084 216 161 (10 mins walking distance to the Academy, price RM80++)
5. Hostel available - limited rooms @ RM30/night

6. Course Duration: 2 weeks - 10days GMDSS GOC Course
7. Timing: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm
8. Exams: The last 2 days of the course is the Examination
9. The Examination is conducted by Examiners from Akademi Laut Malaysia on behalf of Kementerian Multimedia dan Kominikasi

10. Exams: written , orals & practicals.

12. Pass the exam and a GOC Certificate will be awarded to you.
13. It takes approximate 1 month for the certificate to be issued

14. Bring 2 passport size photos
15. If you need the course notes/power-point presentation in advance i.e. prior attending the course, sms/email your mailing address (Courier service will not deliver to a P.O. Box address). The fee is RM50,  Bank in and email the bank in slip and we will courier to you.

Click here to Email to Permata

How to Re-Validate your GMDSS Cert

1. Call/SMS Permata
[6 016 888 0722] for the next Course Date.
2. When you sms kindly give us your name & location
3. Photocopy your old GMDSS cert and Identity Card/Passport
4. Require 2 passport size photo.
5. Current fee is RM1300
6. Certificate is issued 1 month after the course date.

Click here to make a reservation for the refresher course

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