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How to be a GMDSS Radio
Operator Offshore
see below
How to be a Seamen
1. Must be above 18 years old
2. Medically Fit
3. Good eye sight

Documents Required
1. Seamen Card - Issued by Jabatan Laut Malaysia - How To Apply
2. Seamen Book - Issued by Jabatan Laut Malaysia - How To Apply
3. Medical Report - By Panel Doctors approved by Jabatan Laut - Panel Doctors
4. Passport
5. Vaccination - Yellow Fever & Cholera

Certification Required
1. Basic Training Certificate
2. SSA or DSD

How & Where to Obtain BT, SSA or DSD Certification
Call Permatasibu.com for placement to the nearest academy for your BT & SSA or DSD Training

Ranks On Board a Merchant Ship

Captain - Chief Officer - 2nd Officer - 3rd Officer - Cadet

Bosun - Able Bodied Seamen(AB) - Ordinary Seamen (OS)

Chief Engineer - 2nd Eng - 3rd Eng - 4th Engr - 5th Engr - Cadet

Greaser - Oiler

Chief Steward - Chief Cook - 2nd Cook - Steward

Pumpman - Fitter - Welder

How to be a Captain

You can start the sea career from Cadet or from Crew.

Starting Sea Career As a Cadet [Deck Cadet]
Attend a Pre-Sea Training at an approved Maritime Academy, usually a 1 year pre-sea course. After the pre-sea training, join the sea for 24 or 36 months sea service. Upon completion of the required sea service [at sea practical trainings] return to the academy to study for the next level.

Watch-Keeping Officer [WKO]
The duration of the course is between 4 to 6 months, one need to complete all the required modular courses for the competency level obtained. It will take about 10 to 12 months to obtain the WKO certification - Certificate of Competency [CoC].

Once obtained the wko CoC, you can join the ship as a 3rd officer and 2nd officer. Clock the required seatime for the next level certification. The next level is Mate & Master.

Mate & Master
The mate & master course is about 12 months duration. Upon completion of the course and passing the stipulated examinations, you will be awarded a Chief Mate C.o.C. You are required to complete sufficient sea-time before you can endorse your masters C.o.C.

Once your masters C.o.C is endorsed, you can be a Captain of a ship

Total Time from Cadet to Masters = about 10 years

If you are unable to join a maritime academy? Whats next? Call Permata

Types of Certification for Ships
Master Unlimited Voyage
Mate Unlimited
WKO Unlimited

Master/Mate More than 3000GT Near Coastal
Master/Mate Less than 3000GT Near Coastal
Master/Mate Between 500GT & 3000GT NC
Master/Mate Less than 500GT NC
WKO Less than 500GT NC
WKO Between
500GT & 3000GT NC
WKO 3000 GT NC & above

Master & Mate Domestic less than 500GT

How to be a GMDSS Radio Operator Offshore
Register with Permata for a GMDSS GOC Course Now

What is GMDSS - Global Maritime Distress Safety system. IN GMDSS there are 2 type of courses.
1. GOC - General Operator Certificate [World Wide A1, A2, A3 & A4]
2. ROC - Restricted Operator Certificate [Domestic A1 only]

If you are intending to pursue a career as a Radio Operator on the offshore industry, you need to hold a GOC Certificate.

How to obtain a GMDSS GOC Certificate

1. Call Permata
[6 016 888 0722] for Course Dates
2. Register & Pay the fees
3. Attend the 10days GMDSS GOC Course
4. Attend the 2 days GMDSS GOC Examination
5. The Examination is conducted by Examiners from Akademi Laut Malaysia - Melaka.
6. Pass the exam and a GOC Certificate will be awarded to you.
7. It takes approximate 1 month for the certificate to be issued

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